Monday, 13 August 2012


I'm not going to lie to you guys! With the Olympics done and dusted for another 4 years I'm feeling a little bit blue (and it does NOT help that it's a Monday too!), yeah those horrendous Olympic lanes and the threat of receiving a huge fine for making a wrong turn has gone, but then so has the team spirit and comradery we've been witnessing over the past 2 and a bit weeks, London will never feel the same again but at least we have those glorious golden memories left of what turned out to be a truly amazing spectacle (the closing ceremony wasn't half bad either...Err David Gandy anyone?!)!

So in keeping with my mood I've pulled out a few of my fave blue hues for you! All is not lost though, blue just so happens to be one of my favourite colours! Royal, navy, turquoise I'm down for it all! But don't feel that you have to look like a Blue Man Group reject to rock this look, accents work just as well!

All pieces will be available in our ASOS Boutique over the next couple of there's something to jump about! ...Until the Olympics hits Rio in 2016 which is going to be one massive 2 week carnival! I'm booking my plane ticket NOW!!

*Sidebar: Wishful thinking...


Silk Escada 'Star' Blouse

Royal Blue Micro Pleat Dress

Navy & Cream Short Sleeve Jumper

Royal Blue Midi Dress

Royal Blue Silk Shorts

Turquoise Shorts

Dusky Blue Polka Dot Dress

Powder Blue Midi Dress

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