Friday, 18 May 2012


Picture the scene, we're traipsing around the streets of Europe on one of our many buying trips, s**t was gettin' DIRE! The sky is grey, our lungs are filled to capacity with dust and other bits of random flying debris, our feet are swollen to the size of small hover crafts and the hunt for the best vintage pieces is almost over.... Über annoying right?! Yeah that's what we thought too! So we're almost about to admit defeat at this one factory when we see something old and familiar winking at us from the bottom of a bag we had swiftly dismissed earlier because, well... let's be honest we were [enter your own expletive here] fuming! 

"What was it??!" we hear you cry! T'was THE ONE, THE ONLY, THE LEGEND that is Miss Vivienne Westwood! We must clear something up though, it wasn't THE Vivienne Westwood packed up in a bag ready for us to haul away but one of her gorgeous signature blazers! Oh happy days!!!!

What a way to make a trip worthwhile ay?


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