Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Kate Moss in her ever trusty vintage Raccoon fur coat
Kate Moss in 70's vintage coat & dress

Every girl at some point in her life gets stuck in an eco-dilemma: to wear fur or “go naked instead”? What is ethical or un-ethical has been the debate for some time now and has cast a dark cloud on the fun that dressing-up is supposed to be. But with vintage fur the problem need no longer exist!

Vintage fur is recycled and doesn't harm animals which are already scarce or endangered. It looks fabulous if it is correctly maintained and will keep you warm all winter long. While you’re striding the streets like a true supermodel - Kate Moss's go to winter piece is her vintage raccoon - you’re also helping the planet and making a fashion-forward statement that recycling and glamour do very much indeed go hand-in-hand!

Eco-warriors can finally rejoice and fur-loving damsels walk guilt free. Away with the preconception that being ‘green’ and ethical means you can’t look glam and stylish!

That's where we stand on the debate, what's your stance?

By Maria Lazareva

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