Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Anyone who knows me knows that I am totally batty for a bit of blue jean! So for moi and for millions of you guys out there 2013 is set to be our year (yay)!! The catwalks have been inundated with a plethora of various shades in all fabrics from chambray to hard wearing denim.

Vintage Wrangler shirt / Available at DollsMaison
Marc Jacobs Resort 2013....Loving the printed denim!
Balmain Resort 2013....I must say I absolutely LOVE this chambray look! OK I'm just going to come out and say it, if I had the means I would wear Balmain every day of my life!
Vintage Christian Lacroix denim shirt / Available at DollsMaison
For many of you out there, you're probably wondering, 'well...what's the difference between chambray and denim?'; good quesh people! Well, although similar in many ways for instance both are made from cotton and are blue in colour which can vary and both are considered to be coarse fabrics. Chambray is lighter in texture and was used in the 60's as the fabric of choice for work shirts, whereas denim was used for making hard wearing work trousers and jeans. Ladies were very rarely seen wearing these fabrics, oh how the times have changed!

Denim may be hot right now but what about ramping it up a notch and going full on denim, on denim, on denim?...

Britney & Justin: Urrrggh a double denim disaster!
For some, the double denim look (aka the Texas tuxedo) is a cardinal sin! Step forward Britney and Justin! But by the looks of it it seems to be making a significant comeback with the likes of Balmain & Marc Jacobs championing the look in their Resort 2013 collections. I guess if you step away from the denim jean and jacket combo and experiment with shirts and denim cut offs it could look quite cool... But the question is will the look filter through the High Street and into your wardrobes? The jury's still out for me on that one.


Balmain Resort 2013
I'd wear double denim all the time if it looked like that on me too!
Miu Miu Spring 2013
Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2013

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  1. Hmmm, I'm not sold. I feel this warrants further investigation. Horrified by that denimtastic reminder of the Britney & Justin years though.