Monday, 5 November 2012


Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how bloody cool Gwen Stefani is? She made those tragic 90s trends look cool. She was the poster girl for modern day feminism, while maintaining her platinum blonde locks and fire engine red pout. She made pregnancy look like another effortless fashion moment. She made marriage look cool. She makes motherhood look cool. She has two killer solo albums, a fashion line, sweet fragrances and is now making a comeback at 43. STILL looking as smoking' as she did back in the day.

There is literally nothing Gwen Stefani can't take on, and sometimes I find myself asking 'what would Gwen do?' at times of life crisis. Not having the privilege of knowing her personally, I can only run on her winning fashion instinct.

Here's a couple of pieces I've pulled from our current DM stock that Gwen would be proud of.

If there's one fabric Gwenny is associated with, it's got to be leather. Girlfriend never did let go of her angsty 90s punk roots and we love her for it!

Another punk staple of Gwen's is tartan - as much as possible. She recently wore these awesome trousers at a concert in New York. If only we had that tummy...

Ms Stefani is never one to shy away from a bold print, especially dogtooth. Make like her and snap up this attention-grabbing number.

By Claire Hubble

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