Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Christopher Kane Cashmere Jumper
Phillip Lim Ka-Pow Jumper
Oh No! I'm so sad...summer is officially O.V.E.R!!! Let's be honest though, between the rainfall, gale force winds and smatterings of sunshine you'd be forgiven for thinking we never left winter! But hey ho all is not lost, the gorgeous reddy...browny...yellowy scenic backdrop will soon be upon us as will the best thing about autumn, the threads! The forward thinking fash-pack would already have started purchasing their staple pieces back in June,but the normal folk among us would start pondering what key pieces they'll be investing in to see them through to the UK winter we oh so look forward to...not!

This autumn sees a gorgeous array of fabrics and prints coming through but the major trend coming through all over the high street and catwalks alike is the trophy jumper (my personal faves are the Phillip Lim Ka-Pow sweater and the Christopher Kane retro Coogi look-alike chunky knit), it's been deemed the hero piece of the season and I. ain't. mad! I love me a piece of knitwear! Not all jumpers qualify for TJ status though, there needs to be something to set it aside from the rest, whether it's the knit, the colour or a bold pattern/motif it's got. to. POP!

Start your trophy cabinet right here with some of our cool knitwear, available in our ASOS Marketplace Boutique! We've also got lots more coming through soon so lots to choose from!


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