Friday, 27 July 2012


Ooooh who loves sweets and sherbet and all that other stuff? I do!! So when we decided to shoot our candy colour blocking collection I was high on sartorial E numbers!! With this collection anything goes, soooo you wanna pair a pale blue 50's skirt with a bright yellow tie blouse? Go for it girl! You wanna smoosh together a coral top with bright yellow silk shorts? Who cares??! We certainly don't! The clashier the better as far as we're concerned! But for those not down for the outlandish colour pop party why not mute the bright tone a little with some colour safe complimentary threads like a nice navy or cream top?

Look to see how we've done it, all pieces available in our ASOS Marketplace Boutique now!

So now over to you, our lovely readers! What are your fave colour combos?


Photography: Eric Mouroux

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