Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Kate Moss in her ever trusty vintage Raccoon fur coat
Kate Moss in 70's vintage coat & dress

Every girl at some point in her life gets stuck in an eco-dilemma: to wear fur or “go naked instead”? What is ethical or un-ethical has been the debate for some time now and has cast a dark cloud on the fun that dressing-up is supposed to be. But with vintage fur the problem need no longer exist!

Vintage fur is recycled and doesn't harm animals which are already scarce or endangered. It looks fabulous if it is correctly maintained and will keep you warm all winter long. While you’re striding the streets like a true supermodel - Kate Moss's go to winter piece is her vintage raccoon - you’re also helping the planet and making a fashion-forward statement that recycling and glamour do very much indeed go hand-in-hand!

Eco-warriors can finally rejoice and fur-loving damsels walk guilt free. Away with the preconception that being ‘green’ and ethical means you can’t look glam and stylish!

That's where we stand on the debate, what's your stance?

By Maria Lazareva

Sunday, 28 October 2012


Here's our latest peek behind the scenes at a recent shoot at the Tommyfield in South London. Check out our models in action and then head over to our ASOS store to pick up any pieces that tickle your fancy. Stay tuned to our Youtube channel for more videos!

By Claire Hubble

Friday, 26 October 2012


With Jack Frost nipping at our toes and Spring / Summer now being a distant memory we at DollsMaison HQ aren't going to let that get us down! Tomorrow we'll be holding another shoot and we're super stoked to be taking influence from designers such as Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Comme Des Garcon by shooting some dark winter florals (who said flower power should be kept in the Summer drawer huh?) infused with some bold and bright graphic prints to pep up anyone feeling a tad glum and by golly gosh do we need it!!

Although, let's not forget another reason to feel fan-dabby-dozy, Christmas!!! Yep, Christmas is but a mere 59 days and 6 hours away (at the time I'm typing this) yay!!! Now, I'm not one of those annoying folk that start the Christmas countdown in January but I do love a jolly good knees up and there'll be oodles of those in the lead up to and after the best (or some may say the most boring) day of the year and what better way to get prepped for the partays than to show you lovely ladies what evening splendor we have on offer, embellished gowns, velvets and furs will be the dish of the day tomorrow and I for one can not wait!! Chuck it on with a bit of leather (which we obviously luuuurve) and you are good to go missy!!

Keep an eye out for the new look books on Facebook over the next couple of weeks.


Velvet at Ralph Lauren
Missoni, Gucci & Etro showcasing their AW12 fur offerings
Leather at DKNY

Thursday, 25 October 2012


MWAH HA HA!!!!! Halloween will soon be upon us and with that copious amounts of blood, guts and gore will be on show!!!! OK so I’m not really one to ‘celebrate’ the rising of the un-dead or anything but I do have a slight obsession with dressing up, slapping on some fake blood, cuts and bruises and boo-gying on down at some random Halloween party, last year I was a rather convincing cheerleader in distress who had just been torn up by Freddie Kruger (super proud of my make up skills I must say). 

This year though I have absolutely no idea of what my theme will be, all I do know though is that one of the biggest hues of the season will be featuring quite heavily in my ensemble!! Ruby, ruby, ruby, ruby “ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahhhhh” (sorry had to get a bit of Kaiser Chiefs in there!)

If you gals out there have got the same mind frame as me then you’ll be super duper stoked about our fresh drop of blood coloured pieces new in to our ASOS Marketplace boooo-tique this week! Whether it’s a fresh, congealed or clotted shade you’re after we’ve got more blood hues on offer than an episode of True Blood! Mwah ha ha haaaaa!!!!!



Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Last weekend saw us here at DollsMaison in the midst of another cool Autumn/Winter shoot which took place in a cool art space studio located in gritty (yet upcoming) New Cross, Souf London!

With Halloween just around the corner the theme of this shoot was all about blood red hues and houndstooth (in the spirit of the un-dead let’s just call it vamp-tooth.... mwah ha haaa!!!). This is quite fitting really, especially as these are probably 2 of this season’s biggest catwalk trends to emerge at LFW.

Sit back, relax and peruse the selection of behind the scenes shots we’ve got here courtesy of new DM shutterbugs Aimee Kelly and Darren Skene. We’d also like to send out a massive thank you to our resident hair and make up artist Zoe Gale who ended up being the only MUA on the day thanks to a stomach bug rendering the second out of action, Zoe as always did a stand up job and is a true profesh!!  

Lastly (but by no means least) a special thank you to everyone else who was involved on the day, regular tog Jamike Latif and newbie Claudia Jasin....models (and DM regulars), Jasmine Cleo, Nicola, Rosie, budding actress Lucy Scarfe, Vogue online regular Edyta Wilim, DM’s own Claire ‘the hubster’ Hubble, budding stylist Victoria Vickers and a new addition to DM fam-lay the bright and beautiful Malika Rahman (who turned hairstylist for the day!)

Keep an eye out for a massive stock drop throughout this all starts again this weekend!


Friday, 19 October 2012


Everyone recalls that unforgettable scene in Bridget Jones’s Diary where she first meets Mr. Darcy in his festive reindeer jumper. It killed the reputation of graphic jumpers for years. But gradually, the graphic jumper has crept its way back onto our runways and into our hearts. Embrace your inner Bridget and make like our fave celebrities this Autumn in one of our cosy and cute jumpers.

Who said animal print jumpers were just for kids? Caroline Sieber looks chic in this Topshop number, a leather skirt and cute ankle boots.

The jumper everyone seems to have: Ashley Tisdale in Wildfox. Extra fashion points for somehow making sandals and knitwear work. Plus, check out those pins!

My personal fave GA member Nicola Roberts manages to mix pretty and cool in this casual jumper and dressy skirt.

By Claire Hubble

Tuesday, 16 October 2012


It seems our last behind the scenes post went down a treat with you guys so we've put together a new set taken at our last shoot at our regular spot The Tommyfield! The order of the day for this shoot? A large helping of leather (a favourite of ours as you can probably tell), a dash of knitwear (the models were happy about this one I tell ya...especially when the shots were taken outside!) and a sprinkling of Military chic (an Autumn/Winter hot trend and DM fave!)!

Ka Man Li once again worked her behind the scenes magic as always but we'd also like to send a special thank you everyone else who was involved on the day, Photographers: Eric Mouroux & Jamike Latif (Shoot the face potrait photography award 2012 finalist); Make Up & Hair Artists: Zoe Gale & Haf Ghate; Models: Edyta Wilim (Vogue), Rosie Lloyd and DM's own Claire Hubble...also thanks to The Tommyfield for letting us take over! 

Look forward to a ma-HOO-sive Autumn/Winter stock drop in our ASOS Boutique this week girls!!